The “Do’s” of 2014 Handbag Fashion

Since the beginning of fashion history, trends have been the driving force behind what women will and will not buy. It is no different in the handbag world. Throughout the years some of the most popular trends have ranged from fabulous to exotic, and chic to simple. Sizes, shapes, colors, and fabrics may change with the year, but style is forever. Keeping up to date is not as difficult and expensive as you may think. These are the ways we recommend taking the runway looks to the sidewalk.

2014 is already bursting with some of the hottest looks. This year the biggest things are color and intricate embellishments. Black and white is a classic staple, and this year is no different. Be prepared to see a plethora of the monochromatic color pairings in every store. Its simplicity and universality make it ideal to pair with the colorful and patterned clothing of Spring, as well as blend in with the warm earth tones of Fall. If a pop of color is more your style, then snatch a bag in the Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid. This is a bold and brilliant color that can add class and edge to a simple black dress and cause heads to turn when you walk by because of its shock factor.

Color can catch the eye, but it is the small and unique details that keep the attention. In 2014 you will see a strong use of metal work being incorporated in the handbags. Some of the most exciting ways hardware is going to be used is in the shoulder straps as well as on top handles on smaller bags like clutches. A touch of metal can add just the right amount of edge without being overwhelmed. On top of hardware usage, you will see a lot of creative techniques being used on the trims of purses. Metal, which was already mentioned, will be seen as an alternative to the usual stitching as well as fringe, microsuedes, and pops of color.

Another interesting trend to try this year is clutches. Many women disregard them because of the lack of space they offer, but they are becoming more comfortable and accessible to use. If using a clutch still seems uncomfortable, it can be a great alternative for a date night or girl’s night out. Rather than having to carry around a larger and heavier bag you can include only the essential necessities. When choosing a clutch, try looking for purses in softer more pliable fabrics which make it more comfortable to hold in the hand and under the arm.

Trends come and go, but at some point they will always come back around as the “it” look for the year. So don’t hesitate to splurge a little on an item because styles always make their way back. Focusing on one small detail of the handbag that makes it current while keeping the rest of the bag simple and timeless is the easiest way to use a bag for many years to come.

How To Find An Authentic Gucci And Prada Handbag

For the majority of women, owning a authentic designer handbag is the perfect example of fashion, and what dreams are made of. Typically, this dream of owning a designer handbag remains only a dream, because the price is often higher than the average woman is able to afford.

Not surprisingly, there are numerous knock-offs and replicas you can choose from, however they can be shoddily made, plus they most likely won’t last you much longer than a year – if you are lucky.

However, if you are considering authentic designer handbags, but you cannot afford the full retail price, you definitely should know that you have many options on the internet. If you spend time to do your research online, then you’ll come across various places that sell discounted authentic designer handbags. You ought to look meticulously to make sure they’re authentic, however, if you know the traits to consider, you can actually ensure you get a superior quality purse at a small fraction of the cost.

When you are looking up clutches, you can sometimes have much better luck if you look for them by manufacturer. For example, you might do a Google search for Prada handbags to check out what results appear. However, you still run the risk of coming across a bogus site that may sell you bags that aren’t as authentic as they claim.

Any time you’re shopping for authentic designer handbags, like Fendi bags or Gucci purses, to start with you ought to navigate to the actual designer’s website. On their site, you can generally find their own set of restrictions that show how to identify their purses are authentic.

Immediately after you’ve visited the actual website to uncover that information, that’s typically on the customer satisfaction page or something similar, it is possible to check out other sites that might offer deals to see if they have photos that show you these characteristics or if they mention them in print.

If you’re concerned you might have bought a fake designer handbag, instead of a genuine one, be sure that you look at the lining. Irrespective of whether it’s a Fendi bag or a Gucci purse, they often have the designer logo printed on the lining. In addition, look at the quality of the leather and various other materials, mainly because authentic designer handbags will feel weighty and substantial.

For almost any woman, the first purchase of a designer handbag is really a method of showing your stylishness and independence. Take control of your life by showing off your fashion sense, but take action while spending less. Just because you are looking for an authentic designer handbag does not mean you will have to pay an arm and a leg to get it. If you are taking the time to do your research, it is simple to find respected retailers that offer special discounts on authentic designer bags.

Prada Handbag – The Style That Speaks Itself

Prada Handbag is most stylish and elegant bag that can enhance your personal style. These types of accessories are basic requirement for any women. The designer’s products are always highly in demand. They have potential to give you the most sophisticated look. The handbags of this particular brand have a distinguished place among all other brands that are available in the market.

The quality of Prada Handbag is tremendous. Material of high quality has been used in its manufacturing. That’s why they are worth of your money. They are available in different designs. You have wide range of choice. The color schemes that are used in making them are quite unique. Different contrasting colors are used for giving an extra touch of luxury. That’s why you can easily buy the required one for yourself. It will help you to find a matching handbag with your desired dress color. That will completely change the entire out look. You can purchase them in different styles. Varieties of new and attractive styles are available for the customers. This range includes clutches, hobo, satchels, totes and shoulder bags. In addition to this, you can also find many different accessories related to them.

These are costly products. You need to exercise full care in their selection. Many retailers are selling them. It’s possible for you to get them from any good store. You should try to buy these items from a reliable shop. Otherwise, you may waste your money on cheap quality product. Many people try to sale the non original items in the original price. They are just earning money through cheap products. That’s why you should not trust all type of retailers while purchasing these expensive bags. If you properly perform search before buying them, then you can find the well known stores. You have to spend a good amount of money that is why a thorough search is essential. It will help you to get the best and genuine Prada Handbag for yourself. Nowadays, it’s also possible to get replica bags. That is an economical way to fulfill your desire of having the best one. If you are running short of money, then this idea can really work for you.

You should check the quality and stitching before making the deal. Prada Handbag stitching will exhibit the top ranked work by the manufacturers. You will not find any flaws in them. The entire look is very refined that will make you feel more confident while holding them. The new collection of this year is designated as Resort. It contains all types of products that you can ever wish for. The basic style and themes are almost the same like previous years collections. They always keep in view the decent appearance while designing them. That’s what makes them different from other brands present in the market. The simple look is their key feature. The glamorous look is combined with the simplicity for giving a distinctive shape.

You and Your Designer Bag

There’s no doubt about shoulder bags being the most favorite of all handbags. Different colors go for different occasions. As usual, the pastels go with casual days at a coffee shop or at a basketball game. For more formal occasions, blacks, browns and greys are always a hit. When you talk of seasons, the lighter colored ones are great for sunny days while darker shades are nice for cool, calm and rainy days.

No matter how you adore designer bags, it’s important to know that not everything works every time which means there are bags you can wear for certain times and depending on what you do on a typical day. Not that there’s any hard and fast rule on this but if you want to know the latest trends, take it from the so-called designer handbag authorities. Check out celebrities online and find out what they’re wearing. This is a great way to keep in step with the latest in things in the world of designer accessories.

Right now, there seems to be a general favor towards oversized bags whether you’re spending a day at the beach or shopping at the mall. Only problem is, you’ll probably spend too much time rummaging for small items you’d need. In this case, you’ll do better with a little bag inside that big bag so you would instantly know where to reach for your iPod or that hairbrush. Better yet, get that big bag with a lot of small pockets.

If you’re the type who has to move around town with your laptop or nearly your entire office desk, there’s this thing with messenger bags that still make you look cool and trendy as ever. Still, different strokes work for different folks so if you’re the ever busy career woman, there are nice lines of designer briefcases for you. If you need to project that polished business image without having to sacrifice your sense of femininity, lucky for you to have some really nice choices out there.

While most women go gaga over shoulder bags, there’s still a good number of them who hate the idea of weight hanging from their shoulders. If you belong to this category, then you’ll adore clutch bags where you can pack in everything you need for a day from your make up to your cellphone and you’ll simply have to slip everything under your arm – quite convenient and very trendy, too. Designer clutch bags are great as ever. Check out wholesale fashion bags suppliers for really neat choices from beaded to canvas varieties. Of course, it’s all up to you to choose which one fits your personality.

Shoulder, messenger or clutch, the point is to make a lovely accessory of that bag. Wear whatever speaks of you the most, but whatever you choose, don’t let it wear you.