History of Christian Dior, Miu Miu, and Burberry Handbags

The House of Dior was established in 1947, backed by Marcel Boussac. The house was immediately successful. It’s very first show on February 12, 1947 shocked the fashion world with its luxuriousness. It showed a style that was extremely feminine and opulent, a stark contrast to the poverty of the years after the war. This is the style that would become the hallmark of the Dior House: elegant, opulent, and feminine. In 1950, the house established a number of licenses for a variety of luxury goods, including handbags. The style established by the Dior haute couture was echoed in the leather goods. The pinnacle of the Dior handbag style can be seen in the sleek, timeless and elegant Lady Dior line, made famous by Princess Diana herself. Its simple lines and beauty made it the signature Dior line. All Dior handbag lines, such as Miss Dior, Dior Addict, Dior Granville, Dior Soft and the evening bags and clutches, are exceptionally well made, combining gorgeous design with versatility.

Miu Miu was established as a secondary line of Prada in 1993 by Miuccia Prada, the youngest granddaughter of Mario Prada, the founder of the Prada Company. The name of the house comes from Miuccia’s nickname. The idea behind establishing the Miu Miu house was to create a younger, more affordable line that will echo the high fashion and high quality of the Prada house. In 2000, the Miu Miu Bowling bag became a hit. Its shape was the perfect combination of young femininity and elegance, making it an instant it bag among the young and fashionable. The bowling bag is still being reinvented, with new colors and variations being unveiled year after year.

The House of Burberry has a very long history. Thomas Burberry established it in 1856. Originally, the company made hard-wearing, excellent quality outdoor clothing. Thomas created and patented gabardine, a tightly woven waterproof cotton. This textile became very popular for making practical and stylish outdoor clothes that one could wear while hunting and in town. The Burberry house is also the home of the trench coat lined with the Burberry check design, one of the most recognizable and most copied coat styles. The first Burberry handbag was launched in 1960 and it bore the signature check. Today, the Burberry handbags come in different styles, some still featuring the iconic check but most now are made without it. The Burberry bag has become synonymous with excellent quality that combines elegance with a sporty look. The bags come in all the usual shapes, the tote, clutch, shoulder bag, and so on; what unites them is the exceptional craftsmanship.