The “Do’s” of 2014 Handbag Fashion

Since the beginning of fashion history, trends have been the driving force behind what women will and will not buy. It is no different in the handbag world. Throughout the years some of the most popular trends have ranged from fabulous to exotic, and chic to simple. Sizes, shapes, colors, and fabrics may change with the year, but style is forever. Keeping up to date is not as difficult and expensive as you may think. These are the ways we recommend taking the runway looks to the sidewalk.

2014 is already bursting with some of the hottest looks. This year the biggest things are color and intricate embellishments. Black and white is a classic staple, and this year is no different. Be prepared to see a plethora of the monochromatic color pairings in every store. Its simplicity and universality make it ideal to pair with the colorful and patterned clothing of Spring, as well as blend in with the warm earth tones of Fall. If a pop of color is more your style, then snatch a bag in the Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid. This is a bold and brilliant color that can add class and edge to a simple black dress and cause heads to turn when you walk by because of its shock factor.

Color can catch the eye, but it is the small and unique details that keep the attention. In 2014 you will see a strong use of metal work being incorporated in the handbags. Some of the most exciting ways hardware is going to be used is in the shoulder straps as well as on top handles on smaller bags like clutches. A touch of metal can add just the right amount of edge without being overwhelmed. On top of hardware usage, you will see a lot of creative techniques being used on the trims of purses. Metal, which was already mentioned, will be seen as an alternative to the usual stitching as well as fringe, microsuedes, and pops of color.

Another interesting trend to try this year is clutches. Many women disregard them because of the lack of space they offer, but they are becoming more comfortable and accessible to use. If using a clutch still seems uncomfortable, it can be a great alternative for a date night or girl’s night out. Rather than having to carry around a larger and heavier bag you can include only the essential necessities. When choosing a clutch, try looking for purses in softer more pliable fabrics which make it more comfortable to hold in the hand and under the arm.

Trends come and go, but at some point they will always come back around as the “it” look for the year. So don’t hesitate to splurge a little on an item because styles always make their way back. Focusing on one small detail of the handbag that makes it current while keeping the rest of the bag simple and timeless is the easiest way to use a bag for many years to come.