You and Your Designer Bag

There’s no doubt about shoulder bags being the most favorite of all handbags. Different colors go for different occasions. As usual, the pastels go with casual days at a coffee shop or at a basketball game. For more formal occasions, blacks, browns and greys are always a hit. When you talk of seasons, the lighter colored ones are great for sunny days while darker shades are nice for cool, calm and rainy days.

No matter how you adore designer bags, it’s important to know that not everything works every time which means there are bags you can wear for certain times and depending on what you do on a typical day. Not that there’s any hard and fast rule on this but if you want to know the latest trends, take it from the so-called designer handbag authorities. Check out celebrities online and find out what they’re wearing. This is a great way to keep in step with the latest in things in the world of designer accessories.

Right now, there seems to be a general favor towards oversized bags whether you’re spending a day at the beach or shopping at the mall. Only problem is, you’ll probably spend too much time rummaging for small items you’d need. In this case, you’ll do better with a little bag inside that big bag so you would instantly know where to reach for your iPod or that hairbrush. Better yet, get that big bag with a lot of small pockets.

If you’re the type who has to move around town with your laptop or nearly your entire office desk, there’s this thing with messenger bags that still make you look cool and trendy as ever. Still, different strokes work for different folks so if you’re the ever busy career woman, there are nice lines of designer briefcases for you. If you need to project that polished business image without having to sacrifice your sense of femininity, lucky for you to have some really nice choices out there.

While most women go gaga over shoulder bags, there’s still a good number of them who hate the idea of weight hanging from their shoulders. If you belong to this category, then you’ll adore clutch bags where you can pack in everything you need for a day from your make up to your cellphone and you’ll simply have to slip everything under your arm – quite convenient and very trendy, too. Designer clutch bags are great as ever. Check out wholesale fashion bags suppliers for really neat choices from beaded to canvas varieties. Of course, it’s all up to you to choose which one fits your personality.

Shoulder, messenger or clutch, the point is to make a lovely accessory of that bag. Wear whatever speaks of you the most, but whatever you choose, don’t let it wear you.